​Below we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions of visitors:

​How much does it cost to visit the park?

All-day park visitor's ticket - 8 €, children under 3 years old (inclusive) can visit the park for free. A 50% discount applies to seniors and disabled people upon presentation of a valid ID. This ticket gives you entrance to the park, where you will find various unusual objects,  try unique entertainment, slide down the water slides, or just take a walk and have a picnic surrounded by nature.

​Why are there no brass exhibits in the park?

The park has nothing to do with this copper alloy. The name Žalvaris Park comes from the nearby town of Žalvariai.

​Are snacks and drinks available in the park?

We sell ice cream, soft drinks and coffee in the park. So for those who want to get fuller lunch, we recommend that you bring your own snacks. There is also a possibility to cook food in the park (firewood can be purchased locally).

​What payment methods are available?

You can pay for a park ticket, camping or excursion in cash or with a bank card. We can also issue an invoice.

​What program do we do for children?

We organize activities and games for children that promote team skills and communication. During the tours, we talk about relevant topics: sorting, nature conservation, relationship with the environment and common sense.

​Can you bring your pets to the park?

We are animal friendly, so your pets are always welcome in the park. Of course, it is important that your pets do not cause inconvenience to other visitors of the park, so be sure to provide a leash for your pet and bags for collecting pet excrement.